About us

How we started.

Breathe4Sure Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life for urban communities and their residents through the development of healthy nutritional choices that begin with the cultivation of urban gardens, nutrition education, physical wellness training, community screening of communicable diseases, and the provision of pharmaceutical assistance where necessary.

Our Programs

Urban Community Gardening

Our vision is to transform urban communities and schools by bringing organic gardening programs directly into the local neighborhoods and their schools. Our mission is to create value out of open vacant lots, and provide hands on training to the citizens in the community. By creating fully sustainable organic gardens, we will train future entrepreneurs, encourage others to explore careers in agriculture, and promote agricultural sustainability.

Fitness Classes

Provided by a certified Zumba, toning, and group fitness instructor.                                                                            Our vision is to bring free group fitness into our community by way of teaching at our local churches and schools. We have collaborated with the American Diabetes Association to offer nutritional counseling along with the exercise classes.

Affordable Housing

To provide affordable housing to the indigent population beginning with an inventory of four (4) available units.

Free Vaccines and Screenings

Provide weekly screening for HIV, Hepatitis C, Diabetes, hypertension and syphilis. While making available free vaccines (flu, pneumonia, and shingles).  In addition to providing free diabetic testing machines and strips.

Breathing Life Back Into The Community


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